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Jiangyin Zhongxin Engineering Equipment Co.,LTD

Professional hydraulic winch, metallurgical equipment


Company profile

Jiangyin Zhongxin Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production of complete sets of equipment for hydraulic winches, metallurgy, continuous rolling and steel finishing into supporting equipment. It strictly implements the ISO90001 quality management system. The company has a strong team of product development and technical engineers, a strong team of skilled workers, a team of well-qualified testing and quality control personnel, and an honest marketing service team.

This company makes efforts to exploit international market and introduce foreign investment and advanced technology. The products of this company have gained high reputation among foreign customers.

All the employees of this company serve the domestic and foreign customers with the idea of "Credit, quality, technology and management". The hydraulic winch and hydraulic lifting mechanism of this company have formed complete series which can be selected by customers. And we can also improve, research and develop the product according to the technical requirements raised by customers.


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