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What are the faults of the hydraulic winch of the wrecker? How?

Author:admin Source:專汽網 Date:2021-10-12 11:17:20 Hit:41

The hydraulic winch is an important part of either the one towing two obstacle clearing vehicle or the towing and hoisting combined obstacle clearing vehicle. It is mainly used for lifting and towing operations. Today, let's learn about the hydraulic winch of the obstacle clearing vehicle.

The hydraulic winch has many specifications from light to heavy. The commonly used hydraulic winch has two structural forms: worm and planetary gear reduction. The winch is driven by the hydraulic motor to reduce the speed and increase the output torque through the reduction device, so as to realize the relatively heavy-duty traction capacity of the winch. The worm hydraulic winch has relatively simple structure and easy manufacture, The transmission efficiency and production cost are relatively low. It is generally used for medium and light hydraulic winch, while the star hydraulic winch has relatively complex structure, large transmission ratio, relatively high transmission efficiency and production cost. It is generally used for medium and heavy hydraulic winch.

During the long-term use of the obstacle removal vehicle, the hydraulic winch will occasionally have some faults, such as oil leakage of the winch or motor, which is mainly caused by the damage of the seal or the loosening of the connecting bolt after long-term use. As long as the seal is replaced and the connecting bolt is tightened; The winch clutch is not disengaged and engaged smoothly, which is mainly due to the dislocation of the clutch claw or the problem of the clutch control mechanism. At this time, rotate the coil barrel to align the claw and check and eliminate the fault of the control mechanism; When the winch works, the pressure is unstable and trembling, which is mainly caused by unstable load and disordered rope jumping of steel wire rope. Just rearrange the steel wire rope.

Like other parts, the hydraulic winch of the obstacle removal vehicle also needs regular maintenance. For example, the lubricating oil in the winch box should be replaced regularly (once a year); Always check the winch and motor for oil leakage; Check whether the winch mounting bolts are loose, check the wire rope for wire breakage, wear, deformation, etc., and regularly lubricate the wire rope with lubricant. If the wire rope meets the scrapping conditions, it shall be replaced with a new wire rope in time.

The haulage of the wrecker mainly depends on the winch, so its maintenance is very important. We must remember!

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