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Installation and application of hydraulic winch

Author:admin Source: Date:2021-10-14 11:22:01 Hit:21

Hydraulic winch has been widely used in obstacle removal vehicles. It is an important functional component, which is often used for lifting, towing and traction. There are many specifications of hydraulic winch from light to heavy. The commonly used hydraulic winch has two structural types: worm gear and planetary gear reduction. The winch is driven by the hydraulic motor, and the purpose of reducing speed and increasing output torque is realized through the reduction device, so as to realize the relative heavy-duty traction capacity of the winch. Worm gear hydraulic winch is relatively simple in structure, easy to manufacture, and relatively low in transmission efficiency and production cost. It is generally used for medium and light hydraulic winch, while planetary gear hydraulic winch is relatively complex in structure. Large transmission ratio. The transmission efficiency and production cost are relatively high. It is generally used for medium and heavy hydraulic winch.

On the obstacle clearing vehicle, the hydraulic winch is mostly installed in the middle, and the side hydraulic winch is also gradually applied in some obstacle clearing vehicles. Generally, one or two winches are installed on the obstacle clearing vehicle. According to the needs of the design, the steel wire rope of the winch can adopt the upper and lower rope outlet directions. In order to prevent the steel wire rope from being disordered, the winch shall be equipped with pressure guide rope device. The selection and installation of winch and steel wire rope in the obstacle removal vehicle are very important, which is related to the technical and safety function of the vehicle. Therefore, attention shall be paid to during installation and use.

The winch of the wrecker shall be maintained on schedule in order to ensure its safe use and prolong its service life. The lubricating oil in the winch box shall be replaced regularly, generally once a year. Always check the winch and motor for leakage. Frequently check whether the winch mounting bolts are loose, frequently check the wire rope for wire breakage, wear and deformation, and lubricate the wire rope with lubricant on schedule. If the wire rope reaches the premise of scrapping, it must be replaced with a new wire rope. Generally speaking, the winch and the wrecker can only be used well after the winch is used, maintained and maintained in strict accordance with the specification requirements.

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